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“Highly recommend!!! I must say Janet is amazing in every way possible and is a model, in my opinion of what more Midwives should be. She always made time for my questions and concerns, often I spoke directly with her when i first tried to call! She is genuinely kind, caring, and focused on your health and how you are doing during appointments. Her great attention to detail, even went to lengths of what kind of prenatal vitamins absorb more easily. Other midwives we have had aren’t comparable, they didn’t put in the time and effort and great amount of care Janet did. We could never thank her enough for being a part of the beautiful vision of my prenatal care and our baby’s birth! Knowing her now, I only wish we had met sooner and been a part of my care for my previous pregnancies! Also, the almost lost in the past, house call, I enjoyed so much, I wish our family doctor and dentist could come to our house for checkups! Why go visit a doctor in a office full of sick people, for a check up, if they could come to you?!”

– Jessica Hoover Pickard

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