Denver Colorado home birth services include labor support, birth of the baby, and care of the postpartum mother and newborn. Assistance with initiating breastfeeding is provided. The first newborn exam is performed.

The midwife arrives at the Colorado area home when the laboring woman desires her to be present for labor support. The birth assistant arrives when the midwife calls her, typically once the laboring woman is in active labor. The birth assistant is trained to assist at a home birth, including certification in newborn resuscitation.

During labor if hospital care is needed and/or preferred the client is transferred to St. Josepth’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado where the midwife, Janet Schwab, CNM, has admitting privileges.  She admits the laboring woman and cares for her during labor and birth at the hospital.  If medical care is needed she consults with an obstetrician at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado who then provides any medical care that may be needed.

If transfer to St. Josepth’s Hospital is not possible, the the laboring woman is transferred to the closest hospital to her Colorado area home.  The midwife consults with the on call obstetrician at the hospital who admits the laboring woman and cares for her during labor and birth.  The midwife accompanies her to the hospital and remains with her to provide support and advocacy during labor and birth.


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