Practicing In and Out of Hospital Setting

This client’s birth experience (induction of labor for cholestasis of pregnancy) is a great example of why all midwives should be able and willing to practice both in and out of the hospital setting.

When a midwife has experience in the hospital setting she learns to readily recognize emerging problems for mother and/or baby (in this case cholestasis), thereby keeping them safe. So if a complication arises in the out of hospital setting (home or birth center) it is familiar to her and she is knowledgeable about how to respond to it.

When a midwife is well versed in an out of hospital practice, she applies that experience when she cares for a client in the hospital.  She has assisted many women pursuing an unmedicated birth in a setting where that is not restricted in any way.   She has intimate knowledge of how such a labor and birth unfolds giving her an expertise which guides her in the hospital setting.

And let’s not forget how important continuity of care is to pregnant and laboring women.  When a midwife can offer a woman care in all settings, she is freed to pursue the best birth for herself and her baby.